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Top Reasons The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho Benefits Real Estate Development

Are you looking to buy a house or build your dream home? Are you planning to sell your home?

If you’re hoping to buy or sell a home in southwestern Idaho, you know the real estate market is hot. But you may be concerned about finding an affordable house.

The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho (BCASWI) benefits real estate development in the Treasure Valley in several ways. Find out what we do and how we contribute to the community in southwestern Idaho.

The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho: Who We Are

BCASWI is a non-profit organization. We’re affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Our members are dedicated to promoting the responsible development of our community.

We represent the home building industry in southwestern Idaho professionally, economically, and politically.

Goals and Guiding Principles

We have defined our mission through a variety of goals. Our economic and political goals include:

  • Being the leader in protecting and enhancing the quality of life in southwestern Idaho
  • Promoting effective land stewardship
  • Creating partnerships with related industries, community groups, and government entities
  • Addressing the benefits and challenges of a growing economy

Members of the BCASWI must follow our core principles. We believe that every American family should be able to own a home. Homes should be well designed, with quality construction and a good location.

We believe that communities should be attractive. They should have accessible schools, stores, religious institutions, and recreational facilities.

Code of Ethics

Our members must agree to our code of ethics. The most important principle is honesty. Honesty guides our professional and business policies.

We pledge to uphold high standards of health, safety, and sanitation when building any home.

We want every home purchaser to get the best possible value. For this reason, we support research to develop new building materials, techniques, and equipment. We also encourage better methods of home financing.

Southwestern Idaho Real Estate Market

The real estate market in southwestern Idaho is booming. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the median home price in the Boise Metro Area rose more than 10% in 2020. The national average rose only 4.1%. Even with this increase, home prices in Boise are inexpensive when compared to other cities in the region.

Higher home values haven’t slowed down real estate transactions. Tight housing inventory — combined with very low mortgage rates — is keeping demand high in the entire Treasure Valley housing market. 

For example, sales of new and existing homes in Ada County rose by 17.2% in October 2020 compared to 2019. The supply of homes for sale is very low. If no additional sellers listed homes for sale, Ada County would run out of homes in less than two weeks.

For families and individuals in southwestern Idaho who hope to buy a home, market conditions can be challenging. Inventory is low, so competition is fierce for the available homes.

The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho promotes a healthy real estate market in several ways. Our professional activity and legislative advocacy make it easier to buy a home in the Treasure Valley.

Promoting Affordable Housing

Treasure Valley residents consistently express concerns about the lack of affordable homes available for all. The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho promotes affordable housing in several ways.

Building New Homes to Increase Inventory

One factor driving the increase in home prices in the Boise Metro Area is a shortage of houses for sale. Increasing the supply of housing will help stabilize prices. The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho helps address this situation by supporting our members in building new homes.

Maintaining construction schedules during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging. However, our members have continued to work. Construction has increased by 2% in Idaho. It now accounts for almost 7% of the state’s gross domestic product.

Construction is at record levels for single-family homes and multi-family development. The national average for new residential construction was 41.9 units per 10,000 residents in 2019. Construction in Boise was more than three times the national average at 145.9 units.

Growing the Skilled Workforce

To meet the demand for housing, the construction industry needs more skilled workers. The BCASWI is working to help address the labor shortage in the construction industry.

We support local, state, and national workforce development initiatives. We work with the NAHB and its workforce development arm. We promote programs like the HBI Job Corps and Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training. These programs provide skills training and help with job placement.

One challenge in finding skilled construction workers is a negative perception of construction as a career. The BCASWI looks for opportunities to educate the public about the value of these careers. These jobs are stable and pay well. They help build the community.

Streamlining Building Codes

Another factor that increases the cost of building a home is local and state building codes. The BCASWI advocated for changes in state and local building codes in 2019. These changes will save an estimated $8,100 per home.

The total savings from all the top regulatory issues in 2018–2019 were $19,500 per home.

Building safe, high-quality, affordable homes is possible. Lawmakers, industry groups, and community stakeholders can work together toward this goal. This improves the real estate market and leads to a better quality of life for everyone.

Promoting Responsible Development

The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho supports responsible development. Construction of single-family and multi-family housing often provokes opposition in the Treasure Valley. The BCASWI advocates for zoning codes that protect and improve the quality of life for residents of southwestern Idaho.

BCASWI believes zoning codes should find a balance between urban density, open space, and affordability.

The Value of a Building Contractors Association

The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho provides advocacy and expertise to our members. We help the Treasure Valley community. We benefit the real estate market by promoting affordable housing and responsible development. This improves the quality of life for everyone.

Check out our member directory of construction, real estate, and financing professionals. We look forward to getting to know you.