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Free Webinar to Explore Helmets vs. Hard Hats in Construction

Construction workers suffer traumatic brain injuries at a higher rate than workers in any other occupation. That problem has many exploring ways to better protect heads on the jobsite.

At NAHB’s Spring Leadership Meeting in Washington in June, Scott Ketcham, director of OSHA’s Office of the Directorate of Construction, noted that 20% of head injuries in construction are the result of slips, trips and falls.

Some believe traditional hard hats don’t offer enough protection against injuries common in construction, namely for their lack of a chin strap. When a worker falls, hard hats can come off, posing a head injury risk when the worker lands. As a result, many are campaigning for further change.

The Hard Hats To Helmets initiative is pushing for improved head protection, stating that safety helmets include the best features of hard hats and head protection for sports such as rock climbing and cycling. Unlike hard hats, helmets can be strapped in and relied on in slips and falls.

On Wednesday, July 19, at 2 p.m. ET, two industry leaders — Scott Greenhaus and Cindy DePrater — will discuss the manufacturing and testing of industrial head protection, current OSHA requirements, and research that supports a shift from hard hats to helmets. The webinar, “Helmets vs. Hardhats: Why Helmets,” is hosted by the Associated General Contractors (AGC).

Greenhaus is the executive vice president of Structural Technologies, a construction technology and service provider that specializes in concrete repair, strengthening and protection.

DePrater is the senior vice president, chief environmental, health and safety officer at Turner Construction Company, where she leads a group of more than 380 industry professionals.

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