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Using Outlet Boxes to Streamline Plumbing Installation

Fixture and appliance outlet boxes provide many benefits during plumbing installations for sinks, toilets, washing machines and ice makers that help expedite the installation process. Also known as rough-in boxes or mounting boxes, these play a crucial role in providing structural support, convenient connection points for plumbing fixtures and an aesthetically pleasing final design.

Here are some key reasons you should use fixture boxes over more traditional methods on your next project.

1. Quicker Fixture Installation

Outlet boxes help complete stub-outs easier and earlier in the building process. The boxes are typically installed during the rough-in stage of plumbing, prior to any finishing work such as tiling or drywalling. The boxes are then positioned precisely at the desired locations according to plumbing plans and blueprints.
In the past, you may have installed different water supply lines — such as those for washing machines and sinks — that often involved collecting several parts: brackets, clamps, caps, fixture stops, hammer arrestors and sanitary plates.

Outlet boxes consolidate a lot of those different elements into one ready-to-go product, so there are fewer parts to order at the end of the day. This is not only time efficient, but cost effective, as you can cut your SKU count almost in half. Some fixture boxes, such as HoldRite’s, are also equipped with different tailpiece designs that are compatible with different pipe types such as PEX, copper and CPVC, to ensure an even quicker installation for plumbers.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing End-Result

Outlet boxes are designed to accommodate various plumbing fixture types and sizes, but can also provide a sleek final design to complement the bathroom aesthetic. You can find fixture boxes with high-end finishes that allow you to not only work faster but also customize the installation. With options such as chrome and white-trim plates, fixture boxes can be matched to the appearance of the home or building. These finishes thread into place, too, so there’s no need for adhesives or fasteners.

With this range of benefits, fixture boxes are a true asset for today’s contractors. Consider using them to save on install time and costs while leaving your client satisfied with a professional result.

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