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What Design Trends Will Have Staying Power in 2024?

For remodelers looking to elevate their businesses in the new year, staying on top of the latest housing trends is a must. In this installment of NAHB’s Remodeling Forecasts, Myths & Trends video series, sponsored by Lowe’s Pro, Pro Remodeler’s managing editor Caroline Broderick digs into which home design trends will have staying power in 2024.

Having a better understanding of home design and consumer demand, and how they might impact a remodeler’s bottom line is crucial to the long-term success of their business in the current market. For example, Broderick discusses a key factor impacting today’s home design trends: the economic environment. More home owners are opting not to sell their properties because of increasing mortgage rates. As a result, they’re looking to customize their living spaces to better suit their needs.

In this month’s video, Broderick highlights several design trends gaining popularity, including:

  • Bold personalization: With resale value no longer a major concern, many home owners want to make their homes uniquely personal. Long gone are the days of the stark white and gray color palette throughout the home. Colors are now shifting to warmer tones and textures, such as shades of blue and green and wood grain.
  • Nostalgic notes: Mixing and matching design styles to better integrate home owners’ treasured keepsakes into a redesign is becoming more popular. There’s also a shift away from modern design elements (think: clean lines) to incorporating more traditional features such as curved archways.
  • Organic design: Bringing the outdoors inside is another way home owners are using remodeling to personalize their living spaces. This can be done by using woven materials such as cane and rattan throughout the home or by installing skylights allowing for more natural sunlight to flow through common areas.

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