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How to Better Manage Your Business Budget

How much profit is your business really making? Are you juggling business operations expenses and job expenses correctly? Jake Harris, cofounder and CEO of BuildWallet, answers these questions in the latest BizTools video, “Part 3: Process Cash Flow.”

Part one and two of the BizTools Series, A Study in Cash Flow for Builders, covered the two types of business models that make up every building company and the process in which money flows through a project. In the third and final installment, Harris explains how builders can calculate and track cash flow trends before they impact a company.

The 25-minute BizTools video will also teach viewers how to:

  • Calculate the gross profit of a job
  • Create a weekly metrics report with three to five indicators to forecast future business health
  • Avoid the dreaded death spiral – using money from other jobs to pay for operations

Part 3: Process Cash Flow is available to registered users on

Harris will also join Joyce Duerfeldt, Business Management and Information Technology Committee member, for a companion Shop Talk on Tuesday, June 27, from 3-4 p.m. ET. Register to participate.

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